Sunday, August 16, 2009



Today my left iliopsoas (hip flexor) hurt, so easy incline treadmill walk plus some biking. This was preceded by a delicious cereal drink. yum yum. too bad i don't have chocolate flavored ones. Then i rested and then refueled for my run with....A COCOAMOLE LARABAR! SO SPICY! SO GOOD! i realized i love dark unsweetened chocolate/cocoa powder. um YUM!? I also downed a ripe ripe plum.

8X200 m with 1 minute recovery. My stats: 7:00/mile. average. VERY NICE!

Came back, chilled, and then breakfasted at 9: oats, microwaved coz i love that gloppy texture, yogurt, humongo nectarine, and blueberries/bloobs/and a green pluot. CINNAMON DOUSED ON TOP and IN BETWEEN LAYERS.
You see, (well, when camera comes tuesday, you'll see how i put together my yogurty goodness)
I prepare my breakfast VERY carefully (takes me a long while)
First, heat up soymilk (1:10, then 55 seconds, take cup out to rest)
Next: 1/3 cup oats in big ass bowl, dump in some water (i never measure) microwave for 2:30 with a cover over it. Then take cover out and microwave 1:00. keep nuking until texture is JUST RIGHT.
While the nuking with radioactive waves is going on, prepare fruit.
Wash and soak blueberries. Cut up massive nectarine into delectable bite size pieces.
Find 1/4 cup for measuring yogurt.
Take oatmeal bowl, DOUSE in cinnamon ( no measurements, just sprinkle from container) dump in 1/4 runny yogurt. Throw on the nectarine bits (about 1/4, 1/3 of the cut up bits).
Cover with 1/4 c yogurt, cinnamon. Throw on more nectarine bits. Cinnamon. Yogurt. Cinnamon. Rest of FRUITS!- Rest of nectarine, blueberries, and then decide whether want more fruit. Today i decided to throw on another green pluot. and then covered the top of fruit mountain with snow storm of cinnamon. Always be careful because in my cinnamon craze i have spread cinnamon ALL over the kitchen counter.
Does anyone else have an extensive method of preparation for their meals? Or am i just OCD or just plain doodoo/crazy?

Hot soymilk TOTALLY MADE THIS MEAL A PLUS. =D (while the preparation of fruit takes place, I am heating my soymilk to BURNING status. )

Then I digested, read blogs, fuckin' cursed out my internet for being so slow, and then grabbed my running pack to head to THE GYM!
today was low key, tomorrow is HIGH KEY!

3X15 glute ham situps
3X15 back extension
3X10 45lb back squat
1X10 warmup 45# deadlift (bent leg)
3X6 85#! deadlift. owie.
6 negative pull ups
3X18 dips at assistance level 9 (burnout)
3X10 close grip bench press with 20 lb EZ bar
6X6 pelvic hip lifts with leg lowering until lower back curves (protect low back)
3X6 Shoulder press (v) push ups with toes on bench
6X6 up right row with 20# EZ bar
6X6 prone row lying on bench using 2 10# dumbbells.

All sets were spaced out with 10 second rest.

Then i came home and rested. And then WHOOP! time to make lunch!

Broccoli, hot soymilk....and A BEAN BURRITO with TWO KINDS OF BEANS! Leftover kidney beans from my last bean fest, plus cannelini beans. ME LIKEY! ME LIKEY!
Couldn't finish it all (too many beans put in in my hungry state) so i just ate the insides and left 1/4? 1/3 tortilla left. I kinda like the beans by themselves, but sometimes wrapped up in a tortilla they rock. OH DAMN i wish i had my camera so you could see the behemoth of a burrito that i basically could have finished but i chickened out. That muthafucka could have tipped the scales like a) a new born duggar baby or b) a chipotle burrito.

Didn't see Seth today. =( but i did see a person that works at the gym I go to and we chatted. =D
OOP. now i'm gassy. broccoli (gas inducer.) hella amount of beans (gas inducing.) prepare for nuclear warfare. Toot toot.

So I finished reading the THRIVE diet, and I really really am interested in it. I think I'd do well phasing out processed foods for good (uh yeah, those cereal boxes in the pantry? hmmm. eat those and no more. I decided that the last cereal i buy with the two last coupons i have will be the finale! LOL. One is a 4$ off coupon for a quaker product saved for QUAKER CRACK and 50cents off barbara's bakery- shredded spoonfuls or shredded oats...quaker crack barbara style!) That go lean crunch left in the pantry is NOT touched by me!
I mean, I fueled today with a run with basically fruit and nuts (larabar) and fruit(plum) and some how it's not too hard on my stomach which happens when i eat cereal (i.e. FIBER ONE YIKES) I just hate how my mom is like processed central and i have to repeat to tell her I DON'T WANT TO EAT THAT and she thinks i'm disordered all over again. SIGH.
Sometimes after i eat my breakfast i feel tired, which is weird. me hates. I never felt that way when i was eating during work (i.e. eggwhites first...then veg...then yogurt mess...) i should try to go back to that way- mini meals.

Dinner was simple. Finishing up leftovers- chive omelette, tofu in a tortilla. Buttload of soymilk on the side. And did some of a crossword.

MONDAY tomorrow- i'm excited because I DON"T HAVE TO GO TO CAMP! (i do have to trayn someone...)


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