Sunday, August 9, 2009

Easy like Sunday Morning...

Today was a pretty chill day. Got myself into the gym for some PUMPING of the Fe. =D

First woke up hella early and did my incline treadmill walk, then headed out to get gas and get my mom's bagel from Noah's bagels. Wow, what a gourmet bagel shop.

Breakfast for her was the bagel, and I had 1/3 cup oats, 3/4 cup yogurt, strawberries, plum, pluot and bloobs. Covered in cinnamon. Unfortunately, my yogurt is crazy runny! But it's kinda delicious in its own way.

Then after digestion, I jetted off to UCLA for an important and well deserved strength session. Me loves. Here's the breakdown:

5 minute sprints on bike at resistance 3 (12 second sprint, 8 second easy for all 5 minutes)
5X10 glute ham situps
5X10 pelvic lifts for lower abs
10 on each side spider man pushups

5 minute bike sprints as above
10 sumo squat + 20#
10 upright row 20#
10 overhead reverse lunge each leg 20#
(repeat 3 times)

5 minutes elliptical (someone took my bike!)
3X10 tricep dip
6 negative pull ups
3X10 deadlifts 45#

10 box jumps
3 sets of 21s with 5# dumbbells
3X10 skull crusher + close elbow bench 20#

10 box jumps


I then chatted with a friend for an hour at the gym, and then took my sore self home to go make some lunch- BEAN BURRITO with cauliflower and carrots!

Insert 3? hour nap. oops.

Then came 2 hour hang out with friend (talked FOREVER!)
and then dinner: stirfried baked tofu, broccoli, and chive omelette. HEAVEN. =D

Otherwise a pretty chill sunday. I liked it. Too bad dinner was at like 8 pm. Not like that matters, but i'm not used to eating that late. Whew. Tired.

Tomorrow begins the last week of camp and then helping my sister move into her dorms at USC. THE ENEMY! lol. I wonder if Seth is going to be there in the morning tomorrow.

How was y'all's weekend? Chill? No?

peace out peeps!

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  1. Haha sounds like you had a pretty good day. As per usual, I'm immensly jealous of your workout!! How are you managing so much exercise with weight gain?

    Bean burittoss!! I smelly, loud, DELICIOUSest food! You actually just reminded me I have a frozen one in the freezer. Why thank ya ;D

    Take caree