Tuesday, August 4, 2009


RIP PB LOCO jungle banana. I scraped out the insides and ate it before my run. The burps of pb during my run were a sad sad reminder of how it is all gone! =(

It's amazing how I used to be afraid of pb. Yet I cowboy'd up and ate it all!

This is an epihany!

Hahha. So update on the cereal situation- I DIDN"T eat it despite the "guilty feelings" that my mom bought it for me! WHOO HOO! i just had a buttload of cereal oaty drinks. Better for my tummy when i'm running.

Other eats of the day included eggwhites, celery (the heart of celery is actually quite delicious), carrots, yogurt mess, and apple and broccoli.

Dinner! DINNER WAS TOFU and Egg omelette with chives. MY FAVORITE! =D with a side of stirfried cabbage. I kinda prefer steamed cabbage. Does anyone else think steamed cabbage smells, but is STILL DELICIOUS?


Oh, something yesterday really stuck in my craw. I'll explain the situation to you.
So I eat a yogurt mess around 10:30 AM in the office where I work. I'm a site coordinator at the camp i work at, so I can go around to the camps and examine and play with kids, and come back to hang in the office. We have an office coordinator who takes care of office shit. She's interesting. Anyways, she used to bring fruit just because I was bringing fruit. She would go, it's 10:30! TIME TO EAT FRUIT RIGHT JET? and if i didn't, she'd wait til I busted out mine and started eating. Yesterday she took out her tupperware of fruit, yogurt and cinnamon, and said, omg I have fruit...and yogurt...and cinnamon. I'm so copying you jet. Me: uhh, oh okay.
Then she starts talking about how her yogurt is runny. I don't look up, because i saw how runny it was in one glance, and say yeah, it's pretty runny. She says in a whiny voice: you didn't even look up!
Me: i'm really annoyed now, so i get up and stick my head in her yogurt tupperware and say WOW IT"S SOOO RUNNY.
I don't know, the way she was whining about attention kinda bothered me, but maybe I"m just being a little peevish. Who knows. Usually other times when i'm eating she'll ask me if i count calories, or what i do when i workout, am i swimming laps or just play swimming with the kids. It's kinda awkward for someone who had an ED to be quizzed about calories and such, and it 's uncomfortable.

ANYHOO, today was a 3X.63 mile run with 2 minute recoveries except I'm sooo badass I don't do the recoveries for the full 2 minutes. Average pace: 8:40 AND THAT"S WITH HILLS.
Later, 4X8 double crunch, 3X10 bike pilates move supersetted with 3X10 pushups.

Yesterday strength was:
5 minute warm up bike
3X10 GH situp
3X10 deadlift, 40#
3X10 inverted row
3X6 upright row 20#
6X6 skull crusher 35#
3X10 pushups
my triceps are sore.

Time to deal with some emails! =D And I'm actually on the look out for more PB! or should i look for almond butter? Can someone explain to me why RAW almond butter might be better than roasted?


  1. that's strange - maybe she just wants someone to talk to and she thinks eating similar things will keep you talking? I don't know.

    I have never tried raw almond butter before, mainly because it's super expensive and I'm kind of poor :)

  2. i feel you on the $$$ situation. I guess she just wants someone to talk to. I have no idea. doy ou eat any nut butters? thanks for commenting!

  3. Yikes that coworker situation sounds really irritating! I would totally get annoyed by that as well.

    I really want to try PB Loco, everyone says it's amazing! I unfortunately cannot find it anywhere though:( Where did you purchase it, online?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  4. Ok, that girl is creepy. And does she know abt your ED? Because that was kinda...insensitive. Maybe she's just lonely and admires you and wants to be the same as you? Oh well. Imitation is the best form of flattery.

    Oh, and GET ALMOND BUTTER! It tastes SO much better...but don't get the raw kind. It doesn't taste as good as the roasted. And the raw ones are pretty expensive.