Monday, August 17, 2009

The Key to a good workout...

Yes a lot of my post titles will be referencing my pre workout snack of choice- and today's was an awesome snackeroo of tasty, tart deliciousness!
It was awesome. I was sad it ended.
And i also had a sweet peach. Deliciously juicy.

(this was my pre gym snack. pre treadmill climb was 80 cal cereal drink. sweat tastic.)

Went into the gym at around 6:20 AM (yep, just like old times) and I ALMOST sneak past seth, he seemed busy, but he looked up, saw my name register on the comp as me checkin in, and smiles. Me: HEY! =D
Him: wow, you're here real early (looks at clock). hitting it before the crowd?
Me: yep. Smile.
Him: ..Cool (smile)
I told him i deadlifted yesterday and am sore, and thought he wouldn't say anything, but he kept talking! He was like, that's the best feeling. Me: yep yep!
Kind hard to chat when i'm on the far side of the desk and seth talks softly.

Did one hour of hard core shit. Wednesday you'll see it go REALLY hard core- i'm still kinda sore from yesterday. (Today was rest day from CFE. i'm deciding whether to tone it down and spread out the workouts like you're supposed to apparently. it makes sense. make it running hard 3 times a week. i might switch to that since i'm feeling some burnout, but i love running, so it's hard)


3X20 Glute Ham Situps
3X10 Swiss Ball Pike
3X15 Back extension no weight
3X10 Inverted row
3X10 Decline pushups with toes on bench
6X6 35# skull crushers
3 sets of 21s with 5# dumbbells
6X6 each side sidelying posterior delt raise
3X10 Glute Ham Situps
2X10 pushups
10 close elbow pushups

Again, 10 Second rest between sets.
Then i peaced out, and said hi to a counselor that showed up to workout, and then caught up Allie (a building supe, seth's girlfriend? perhaps? i have no idea. they go out to eat a lot/see movies a lot. i hope they are, they are a cute couple!) anyways,i talked to allie about all of camp gossip, she loved it. and then seth came back and we had a fun time laughing and joking. Then i left, and walked up the hill to my car...and here's what REALLY made my day/morning

So last friday, i was in the office and the Gym technicians: they fix the gym equipment, they're called Rec tech (awesome name): well they came in the office to get keys to the gym closet...and one of them asked, and i recognized him as someone doing deadlifts in the gym on the olympic platform- yes i notice weird things..i notice the people doing hard core lifting and not guys that attempt to look hot- and i said, oh yeah! i saw you deadlifting yesterday! he goes, yeah! that was me. I'm are? Me: i'm jet. SLASH tracy. Him: okay jet/tracy.

Okay fast forward to me walking up the hill. I hate walking that hill- i was kinda in the zone because i was cold (no jacket dumbass me.) and looking down to gather strength (hungry) and someone goes, good morning tracy. I look up, look behind me and it's D! Me: HEYYY! where you going? D: class and then work! (smiles) me: COOL! i'll see you there!

That was nice- sometimes i think i'm forgettable but that made my day!

Breakfast was oats, yogurt, a DELICIOUS PEACH AND PLUOT and blueberries. YUM-O

I can't believe how awesome it feels to be AT HOME and not at work. I mean, i enjoyed parts of my work, dealing with kids, but 8 weeks is my limit.

Then I helped Momma Trayn get gas for our car, go to CVS for tuna cans and shampoo, walgreens for a hamper and Momma Trayn's lip stuff that makes her lips SO kissable (just kidding) and then back to 99 ranch supermarket for cool asian essentials: cereal drink ON SALE, tofu (threads and savory baked tofu...tofu stirfried IN THE FUTURE! and OPO!)
Then home.

Dicked around....killed a scorpion...and then LUNCH at 1!
Somehow i'm like hungrier. STRANGE and not cool. I guess i'm adapting to this big 3 meal biz.
Anyways, i kinda miss the mini meals, might go back to it.

BUT! lunch made up for it....I got more cannelini beans...and had those in a bean burrito! YUM-O! =D curried and such. =D No fear because I bought more beans and more curry powder. Hmph. I seem to be making bigger and bigger burritos. Time to tone that down. LOL.
Broccoli on the side and also soymilk. Hum. I'm taking stock of my hunger, and i seem to be full, not OVERLY full. HMM. I"m going to experiment with MEASURING said beans. Perhaps i don't need that many to stay full. =D They are chock full of fiber of course!

I have a client at 3 pm. I wonder what I'm going to put her through today!.....
I put her through hell...(sorry i've been saving this post to type and finish throughout the day. When i get off my little blogging feet i'll try to post lots of times during the day)

Giveaways tho:

I'm still kinda sore from yesterday- I LOVE IT! =D
Dinner: sauteed thyme lemon chicken, tortilla, stir fried savory baked tofu with celery and soymilk! YUM-O!

Time to relax with my computer and blogs! =D

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