Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crawling to the weekend....


I can't stand some of my coworkers. bleh bleh!

At least today's dinner made up for it- chive eggs (i luve) and tofu. with green beans. my favorite meal of all time!

I trained a client today- put her through step ups, sumo squats, side lunges, 21s, tricep dips, shoulder times

I trained myself today: 6X6 30 lb skull crushers, 6 negative pull ups, 3X10 40lb deadlifts, 5X10 glute ham situps, 5X10 shoulder front raises with 20 lb dumbbell. and 3X 10 inverted row.

Could have gone harder but i was bothered by a text i'm not going to get into.

ANYWAYS today was better because I got to talk to a friend i haven't seen in awhile- a cutie! LOL. He's training to be a navy seal and has agreed to help me out in teh gym. sweetness. I sat with him at lunch/1:45 ish while he ate. It rocks because he wasn't like WHY AREN"T YOU EATING? it was really cool just talking to him. if anyone was curious, he ate a low carb six dollar burger from Carl's jr. or hardees. We had an interesting discussion of larabars and what was good and wasn't. LOL. i love

Hulk was like, you answer my texts when i text you! me: of course. Hulk: real talk, i like calling. Me: sure, just call. Hulk: SMILE. LOL i bet he's not going to.
Oh the friend that sent song lyrics? He texted yea, yeah. I don't get him! LOL

OH so I had eggwhites, yogurty mess, and cauliflower WHICH MADE ME GASSY ALL DAY. ARGH. and A box of soft tofu. =D
I love my tofu. No sauce needed. Although i ate it too fast so i kinda got sick. LOL.
I hate how my mom just printed out a list of Top careers that won't get outsourced. What is this, a major hint i'm not living my life the way you want me too? i hate that.

Today was a rest day from running, but i still did incline walking. Ironically, i'm kinda sore. Weird. I guess my weird intervals from yesterday hurt bad!

I'm off to watch Coraline- i fell asleep during it yesterday! I AM SOOOO LAME!

peeps: no one answered- yay or nay on little house books?

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  1. darn, sorry abt your mom. But maybe she just meant it in another way.
    And I can't belieb you like tofu that much. I HATE that stuff! lol.