Friday, August 21, 2009

Nectar even runs down my arm at 5:15 AM

Yep. Nectarine again. and some green grapes. no me gusta red grapes.

I'm such a bad blogger! I keep forgetting totake pictures. In my defense, I was terribly hungry for lunch and tore into my salad and banana like a wild woman.

Rewind: rest day, just treadmill walk. and then nectarine grapes and then 20 minutes lifting:
3X10 sit ups
3X10 ball pike
3X10 dips
3X5 pull ups assisted
3X10 squat 50 lb with machine
3X6 dead lift 85 pounds
2X10 pushup
2X10 bike crunch

Breakfast: yogurt mess! nectarine, cinnamon, plum, and blueberries. And cinnamon.

Taken in a Burger King.

Then did some wasting of time to wait for sister to finish biz at U$C. Then we jetted off to Camarillo. we stopped at trader joe's for me: I got a reduced fat chicken salad and a banana. Yum.

Insert boredom. nothing worth buying.
Then drove home, and had a cup of soymilk. Sorry, camera was charging.

Then went to costco to buy more crap, like green beans, tortillas, salad, eggs.

Sorry i'm just not writing as funny as before...i'm hella tired. somehow i just had a massive headache, felt weak...probably didn't eat enough today. hmm.

On a funnier note, I saw a friend in the gym- the friend that calls me Bones..I was trying to avoid seeing him, i dunno, i didn't feel like seeing anyone at 5:45 AM in the gym, and then i was trying to do situps he taught me and saw him coming so i picked up and started leaving and i thought he didnt notice, but i hear: WHAT UP TRAYYY- why you hiding in the dark.

This is my dinner. Tofu stirfry with celery. Shoved in a tortilla. I also had 2 pieces of salmon and a carrot and celery.
Again, I started eating before taking the picture. WHOOPS. My mind is in the gutter today. =(
Please forgive has been hard and stressful- it took me 15 minutes to pick out my lunch.


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  1. I just bought some red grapes, and they definitely weren't my favorite... I always forget to take pictures of my food. I should really work on not attacking it so quickly...

    Happy Weekend! :)