Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have never cried so much than i cried today. Today was just a ROUGH day at work.
First, my co-site coordinator equal/peer comes at me and says i am slacking, i'm always pissy, i'm being whiny and snippy and not being social. The slacker comment got to me and he just wouldn't let me answer and i couldn't because i take things EXTRA personal and almost lost it right there. Even now, like 3 hours later, i still feel tears building up. It was a horrible way to talk down to someone who is YOUR PEER. he says I spend too much time with certain people and favoritism is NOT cool at camp. Says the person who talks to only his gf who he got promoted.

Anyways, I tried to hold it back and manfully walk to the bathroom to let it go, but apparently I am an open book, and my friend of 2 years I love love love and work with at this camp saw and ran into the bathroom after me and said, you better not be crying...NO NO! and almost left to cuss him out.
We talked about it, and i manned up, and just as I am walking out, HULK pops in walking toward the guy's bathroom, and totally notices my reddish face, and i just let it go all over again.. He totally takes control and is like, i wanna talk to Boston (the other site coordinator).
I go out, and everyone is doing just fine. Yay, no one really noticed. Then i'm heading back and ANOTHER counselor was like, what happened. Tears. She helps me out and i just spill all my feelings. Then i go see how the counselors are doing with the kids (since i've been gone..oops) and they all come over one by one. First, ACE comes and goes, ARE YOU COOL? because you just say when and i'm all up in his sh*t. The others chime in and totally are marshalling to tell him off. I have never felt so secure in a family...close to people. I guess i have really touched and made friends with these people...and they care about me. I was so touched.

I know i have to talk to Boston and say I don't apppreciate the way he talked to me. I'm going to man up about that. I KNO that i am not a slacker, and I don't play favorites. Obviously since ALL the counselors know me and i talk to everyone.

Anyways, this morning had begun VERY well with a treadmill incline walk and cereal drink before hand supplemented with 1/2 of a simply harvest quaker bar. they are very crumbly.
Then 4 egg whites, carrots BROCOLLI and yogurt mess. I love eating yogurt messes out of the container. Anyone else think so? =D

Insert crying episode.

Go home and then 9 minute time trial. Um burned rubber here. avg pace 7:49?/mile, 1.11 miles i think. I was running so well. powerful. perhaps because i was fueled by another barney butter wrap (still not loving it) and yogurt. mmm.

Post workout? CURRY SPICY BEANS (the same process as that for bean burrito. spicy goodness.) and then a gala apple. YUM YUM! sweet jebsus it was delicious.

Now i'm just chillin like a villain. I might do some bike crunches later. it'll be 4 sets of 20, 20, 20, 20 alternating crunches, bike crunches, etc. and then 3 sets of 15 pushups. I'm already dreaming up next gym workout. yes i'm crazy.

not sure what dinner is going to be.....
oh! giveaway!


okay update. dinner was a salmon patty. yum. and last of the tofu stirfry and cabbage. DELISH.

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